Points of Interest Map

Use this map to plan your next adventure and explore local businesses in the Colorado River Basin. Check out key stream gauges in popular rafting locations. These gauges measure water levels and can help you plan the best time to take your next Colorado River float trip. Just click on the blue rafting icons to learn more about the water levels in the area you are hoping to raft or click on the binoculars to learn about special locations in the Colorado River Basin. Can you find the headwaters of the Colorado River? View a larger map here.

Colorado River Basin Map

E-explore this interactive map of the Colorado River Basin to learn how power plants, dams and diversions, pipelines impact our water resources. Find out how much Colorado River water major cities like Tucson, Arizona use and gain a greater understanding of this diverse and arid region by clicking on different map icons. View a larger map here.

View a larger map here.

7 Responses to “Maps”
  1. Linda Stitzer says:

    What data source did you use for dams and what were your criteria? Did it include flood control structures?

    • WRA2013 says:

      We used the National Atlas of the United States. The data set we have did not include flood control structures.

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